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50 Kaiser Permanente retirement presentations done in OR/WA

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Timberrrrr Timberrrrr When a pandemic strikes and causes the United States to shut down, what’s the first thing Americans stock up on? Apparently, toilet paper is the first thing we think of. What’s the first thing Americans stock up on now that Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce: Get Rich, Be Generous Get Rich, Be Generous The stock market is off to a good start this year and, surprisingly, there’s not much drama in the financial news. So let’s get philosophical. Does money help you accomplish your goals, or is money the goal of your life? Does money Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce: Spending It All Spending It All How much can one afford to spend before they become broke and destitute? It appears our country is trying to discover this right now. Biden is unveiling another massive $2 Trillion spending bill, this time aimed at infrastructure, housing, education, Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce: Inflation Infatuation Inflation Infatuation As you’ve seen in the news, there's now maximum effort to ramp up vaccinations. I saw it first hand this week. Not as someone getting vaccinated, but as a reservist in the Coast Guard. I just received word the Coast Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce: The Great Disconnect The Great Disconnect Usually, the stock market drops following scary headlines that were meant to stress us out and keep us watching or scrolling. Our job is to try and calm everyone by remembering the stock market is a reflection of emotional individuals Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce: Waiting Game Waiting Game Seems like we're doing a lot of waiting right now: Waiting for a vaccine to be distributed, waiting for a new administration, waiting for small businesses to be able to reopen, waiting for people to go back to work, and Continue Reading The latest from Tim & Bruce:

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