Ad Newseam

Similar to “Ad nauseam,” the Latin term for an argument or discussion that has continued to the point of nausea, but applied to news media.

We’ve heard and talked so much about COVID-19 and the election this year, we’re taking this month off from those topics. We’ll pick it back up Nov 3rd.

Instead, let’s discuss something we CAN control. Not financial planning, that’s boring and overused. We want to discuss crafting VISION for your financial life. Vision is much more interesting. Vision is what entrepreneurs and leaders use to change the world. Vision is what you need to remodel a formerly beautiful 1994 home that could now be on the show “Hoarders” (Tim and his wife Holly’s next project). Vision is what we need to help us make good financial decisions.  

As we’ve had financial planning conversations the last 15 years, we’ve noticed there can be a tendency to dive deep into the infinite details of the financial world. Don’t do this. There’s a time for details, but usually, it’s not helpful. Like landing a plane, we need to keep our heads up and be looking down the runway at where we want to end up. 

To avoid getting bogged down in the details, use the acronym RETIRED to focus on the major points that need to be considered when crafting vision for you or your family’s financial future. Click the image to see the pdf.

These are topics everyone needs to address, but they are most important to the younger generation. Please forward this to anyone you know that could use a head start in crafting vision for their financial future.

The Button

There’s a “Power Off” button on your electronics that will save you stress and potentially high blood-pressure on November 3rd and the days that follow. We suggest you consider using “The Button” if the on-air conflict-of-opinions conversation gets to be too much for your peace of mind.

Our clients have hired us to worry for them…we’re planning on protecting assets in their accounts while looking for bargains these chaotic times may present. 

Put your feet up and enjoy the show next month!

We got this,